Table 1.

Model parameters determined from published data

ρF9.44 kcal/gEnergy density of F
ρP4.7 kcal/gEnergy density of P
ρG4.18 kcal/gEnergy density of G
ρK4.45 kcal/gEnergy density of ketones
hP1.6 g H2O/gP hydration coefficient
hG2.7 g H2O/gG hydration coefficient
ηF0.18 kcal/gF synthesis cost
ηP0.86 kcal/gP synthesis cost
εP0.17 kcal/gP degradation cost
ηG0.21 kcal/gG synthesis cost
ηN5.4 kcal/gUrea synthesis cost/g nitrogen
εd0.835DNL efficiency
εg0.8GNG efficiency
εk0.81KTG efficiency
αF0.025TEF factor for FI
αC0.075TEF factor for CI
αP0.25TEF factor for PI
γF4.5 kcal•kg−1•day−1Specific RMR for adipose
γ̂FFM19 kcal•kg−1•day−1Basal specific RMR for FFM
ξBW0.16ECF response to BW changes
ξCI4000 mg/dayECF response to CI changes
ξNa3 mg•ml−1•day−1ECF response to sodium changes
τBW1,000 daysECF response time for BW changes
τT7 daysResponse time for T changes
g180 g/dayBaseline glycogenolysis rate
KDNL2Glycogen constant for DNL
d4Hill coefficient for DNL
F140 g/dayBaseline lipolysis rate
AL3.8Maximum lipolysis change
BL0.9Minimum lipolysis change
τL1.44 daysResponse time for lipolysis
KL4Body fat constant for lipolysis
SL2Hill coefficient for lipolysis
ψ0.4PA effect on lipolysis
AK0.8Maximum KTG fraction
kP0.69Effect of PI on KTG
kG0.69Effect of G on KTG
KK1Sets basal KTG rate
KTGthresh70 g/dayRenal threshold KTG rate
KUmax20 g/dayMaximum ketone excretion
KTGmax400 g/dayMaximum KTG
P300 g/dayBaseline proteolysis rate
χ0Effect of PI on protein turnover
GN̂GP300 kcal/dayBasal GNGP rate
ΓC0.39Effect of CI on GNGP
ΓP0.32Effect of PI on GNGP
τPI1.1 daysResponse time of ProtOx to PI changes
  • See Glossary of Model Variables for definitions of the abbreviations.