Table 1.

Effect of glucose and amino acids on insulin release, metabolic and ionic parameters in perifused β-HC9 cells

Insulin Release, ng·min−1·mg Protein−1OCR, nmol·min−1·mg Protein−1pHNa+, %changePi, Peak Area/Standard Peak AreaPCr, Peak Area/Standard Peak Areaβ-ATP, Peak Area/Standard Peak AreaMgADP, mM
No substrate1.05±0.187.39±0.137.15±0.03100.00±8.051.65±0.080.50±0.140.38±0.050.17±0.03
Glucose (3 mM)1.91±0.17*8.72±0.04*7.18±0.0179.07±1.35*1.41±0.10*0.75±0.03*0.36±0.080.12±0.03*
Glucose (30 mM)7.80±1.0512.33±0.20*7.38±0.02*62.79±4.03*0.78±0.10*1.47±0.22*0.44±0.060.11±0.06*
AAM + Q7.30±1.97*13.07±0.33*7.24±0.01*114.68±1.75*1.22±0.06*0.87±0.01*0.48±0.060.14±0.01
AAM + Q + Glucose (3 mM)6.38±0.57*14.36±0.16*7.33±0.01*100.00±4.761.04±0.07*1.14±0.18*0.52±0.02*0.12±0.01*
AAM + Q + Glucose (30 mM)6.80±1.00*14.65±0.15*7.43±0.02*85.00±2.39*0.68±0.03*1.51±0.10*0.50±0.04*0.13±0.01*
AAM − Q1.33±0.189.76±0.40*7.17±0.02126.00±3.98*1.62±0.070.50±0.080.35±0.070.14±0.02
AAM − Q + Glucose (3 mM)4.49±0.82*13.88±0.12*7.28±0.02*1.28±0.08*0.85±0.08*0.38±0.060.115±0.02*
AAM − Q + Glucose (30 mM)8.52±1.31*16.26±1.30*7.35±0.01*0.80±0.06*1.39±0.02*0.42±0.010.11±0.01*
  • For each experiment, the average value of steady-state measurements for each intervention was calculated and then mean value and SD were determined from that data. OCR, oxygen consumption rate; PCr, phosphocreatine; AAM, amino acid mixture; Q, glutamine.

  • * (P ≤ 0.05), compared with baseline at 0 mM glucose,

  • compared with baseline at 3 mM glucose,

  • and compared with AAM + Q.