Table 3.

Fold changes in GH concentrations following chronic resistance exercise training (6 mo)

ComparisonNIDDK Polyclonal ImmunoassayNichols Monoclonal ImmunoassayRat Tibial Line In Vivo Bioassay
T1 vs. T3T2 vs. T4T1 vs. T3T2 vs. T4T1 vs. T3T2 vs. T4
TB strength1.−0.50.3−−
TB hypertrophy0.00.90.7−−0.5−0.3−0.5−0.70.5−−0.21.2−−0.40.2
UB strength0.50.6−−0.2−
UB hypertrophy0.8−−−0.1−0.3−0.4−0.30.2−
  • Changes are shown for each testing session (pretraining and posttraining), each assay detection system, and each training program. For abbreviations, see legend to Table 2. Values in regular font indicate nonsignificant changes from pre- to posttraining. Bold values indicate significant (P < 0.05) increases from pre- to posttraining. Italicized values indicate significant (P < 0.05) decreases from pre- to posttraining.