Table 1.

Baseline subject characteristics

VariableADQ (n = 7)DEF (n = 10)HYPO (n = 9)
Age, yr21.3±2.822.1±2.823.1±5.5
Height, cm178.6±5.1178.9±6.6176.9±7.8
Weight, kg74.1±6.979.6±11.778.8±6.1
Body fat, %9.2±2.9*13.6±3.116.8±4.8
LBM, kg67.2±5.768.5±7.765.4±6.1
o2 peak, (ml·kg−1·min−1)52.6±5.551.9±6.645.2±7.3
  • Values are means ± SD; n, no. of subjects. ADQ, adequately fed; DEF, diet deficient in calories; HYPO, hypocaloric diet; LBM, lean body mass; V̇o2 peak, peak oxygen consumption. P < 0.05,

  • * significant from DEF and HYPO and

  • significant from DEF and ADQ.