Table 2.

Plasma metabolic variables

Mean ± SERange
TG, mg/dl*112.6±7.554.0–176.0
TC, mg/dl201.8±6.3153.0–254.5
HDL-C, mg/dl*53.7±2.134.0–69.5
LDL-C, mg/dl124.5±6.078.0–173.0
Fasting glucose, mg/dl*98.4±4.676.8–146.0
2-h Glucose, mg/dl127.1±9.687.0–205.0
Glucose area, mg·dl−1·2 h−116,754±1,15012,390–26,640
Fasting insulin, pmol/l59.3±6.822.2–108.3
2-h Insulin, pmol/l462.2±78.4138.9–1,132
Insulin area pmol·l−1·2 h−151,249±7,79218,356–122,135
HOMA index1.95±0.250.73–3.72
  • Values are expressed as means ± SE or ranges as shown; n = 20 for lipids and fasting glucose, and n = 15 for the other variables. TG, triglycerides; TC, total cholesterol; HDL-C, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; LDL-C, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; HOMA, homeostasis model assessment.

  • * Metabolic syndrome components defined by NCEP-ATPIII.