Table 1.

In situ contractile performance of the gastrocnemius muscle

Wild Type (n = 6) Transgenic (n = 7)
Pt, N 1.02±0.03 1.11±0.03
Po, N 3.30±0.10 2.85±0.18*
Lo, cm 1.68±0.07 1.63±0.09
Wet weight, g 0.11±0.01 0.12±0.01
CSA, cm2 0.16±0.01 0.18±0.02
Specific force, N/cm2 21.4±1.5 16.1±0.88†
  • Values are means ± SE. Gastrocnemius muscle was stimulated via the sciatic nerve for 30 min using supramaximal (8 V) trains composed of 1-ms square-wave pulses firing at 100 Hz. Trains of 200 ms were delivered at a rate of 30/min (1/2 s). Peak twitch tension (Pt), peak tetanic tension (Po), optimal muscle length (Lo), wet weight, estimated cross-sectional area (CSA), and specific force are presented. *P<0.06 vs. wild type; †P<0.05 vs. wild type.